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It’s nearly Christmas, what your business can do to get into the spirit

Christmas themed branding

One of the easiest things you can do to get your business’ marketing into the holiday spirit is to add a bit of Christmas sprinkle to your branding. Updating your website’s logo and social media icons with a Christmas themed version of your logo is an easy way to get on board! You can also use your festive logo in any traditional media you do over the holidays (including Christmas flyers, posters and brochures).

Remember to also update your website with some festive cheer – especially if you are selling services or products online. Make some slight design changes for the holidays including adding festive colours, holiday-themed imagery and Christmas themed web banners. Further, it is a good idea to include any holiday deals or packages you have available.

How to make your logo Christmasy?

  • Put a Santa hat on your logo
  • Change your logo colours to be Christmasy
  • Add some tinsel, a star, Christmas tree or Christmas lights around your logo or instead of something that is usually there

Christmas backgrounds for computers and phones

Create some Christmas themed wallpapers for desktops, laptops and phones so that your clients can download them to use as their own background over the holidays. I have created some you can use here.

Christmas marketing email to your clients

Send a Christmas themed newsletter to your clients and customers. Be sure to include important information such as your opening hours over the holiday season and contact details for support if some of your staff will still be working.

You should also update your regular email signature banner to include some festive cheer and opening hours over Christmas.

12 Days of Christmas giveaway

Create a 12 days of Christmas campaign where you give away gifts, services or coupons for your products. Add the campaign to its own, holiday-themed, landing page to increase engagement and boost conversions.

Christmas gifts

Send some Christmas gifts to your clients as a sign of appreciation for the work you have done together throughout the year. If you leave enough time, you can have them personalised with your branding and logo.

If you want to read about tax-deductible Christmas gifts for clients, you can visit the Small Business WA website or chat to your accountant.

Handwritten cards

It today’s digital world, a handwritten postcard or Christmas Card mailed to your clients and suppliers can really stand out!

Holiday Content

Social media updates should be more than just about your products or services. It is important to share content relevant to your followers! This includes holiday, Christmas and new year related posts and content. Depending on your business, some ideas for Christmas marketing include:

  • Favourite Christmas recipe
  • Christmas themed items on your menu
  • Ideas for Christmas gifts
  • Accounting related Christmas items
  • Goals for the new year
  • What trends occurred during the year that just happened
  • What people should look for in the new year

The list goes on!

Host a Christmas breakfast, lunch or dinner

Team up with other local businesses and hold a Christmas networking breakfast, lunch or dinner.

In summary

The holiday season is a busy time of year for most businesses, no matter the industry. There is a high level of competition in commerce based industries (such as online stores and retail), and people are busy wrapping up for the year in service-based industries.

Changing up some of your marketing for the holidays is a great way to stay relevant to your customers and keep them engaged over the holidays.

Need some help getting your business Christmas ready? As your local marketing consultant, I can help! Get in touch.

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