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I’ve been looking out for an easy to use, and not ridiculously expensive, interactive lead generation builder all year. Now, I’ve found ConvertBox, and I love it!

There may be affiliate links in this post which means I may receive a commission if you purchase something through a link. Please be assured that I only recommend products I have personally used and think are great!


Firstly, you can choose to have your forms or opt-ins as a sticky bar, a side chat-style pop up, a light-box pop-up or a full-page takeover. Plus, you can also embed the forms in your page.

Advanced features

Secondly, ConvertBox has some awesome features that will take your forms to the next level.

  • A/B split testing
  • Triggers for when you want the form to appear (e.g. after 5 seconds, or when someone goes to leave)
  • You can control the frequency
  • Location-based inclusion or exclusion
  • Triggers that will show or not show the form to certain people (e.g. if they are on your email marketing list already)
  • Countdown timers
  • and more

One of my favourite features is the steps function. You can segment out different paths someone might take answering your questions. For every option you give a visitor, you can link to the next step, or a different step you have created, which might show a video, another form, some information or a page on site. You can also tag the user in your CRM based on what they have answered, which is fantastic for lead generation and sending relevant marketing material! You can also set off tracking pixels (for example Facebook or Google), so that you can use that user in other parts of your marketing mix.

One of the triggers you can choose from is people clicking on a link. You can view an example here.

Advanced targeting

Furthermore, the logic that Convertbox has ready to go, is next level. You can change the form’s visibility based on the behaviour of site visitors. Some of the things you can do here include:

  • Show or hide forms based on if they are in integrated CRM lists (e.g. customers versus prospects can see different forms)
  • Target people who have visited your site a certain number of times
  • Target users based on what device they are using
  • Target users based on what pages they have visited
  • Target users based on what the referral source was
  • Location based targets
  • Targeting based off what other Convertboxes they have seen
  • and finally based off certain URL parameters or cooke values.

What can you use Convertbox for?

There are several use cases for a Converbox. Some of the first ones that come to mind include:

  • Announcement bars with sale details
  • Interactive, chat bot style, contact forms
  • Page specific opt-ins for downloadables
  • Newsletter signups
  • Page takeovers and lightboxes to prompt for opt ints
  • Quizzes with a redirect to a specific page based on what was selected

Learn more about Convertbox on their website.


There are a couple of limitations I’ve found so far, however most of them you can get around.

Firstly, there is no integration with Google Recaptcha. However, if you add an extra step to the start of the form, it will eliminate the risk of bots. Doing this will also increase conversion rates due to the interactive element.

The second one is that there is no default email integration. For those whose usually lead workflow is to receive an email notifying them of new form submission and then follow up from there, some workflow and process changes will be required to get the flow working most efficiently. In saying this, most businesses should look to invest time and money into a CRM with basic lead management anyway, so it might be a good opportunity to start!

Find out more

You can find out more on Convertbox’s website.

Convertbox are currently running Lifetime deals, so you only need to pay one fee to have access without having to pay monthly fees! Find out more via this link.

If you are unsure if this is what you need, feel free to contact me to organise a time to chat. If you don’t feel up to implementing this yourself, I can help out with setting up Convertbox and also the surrounding processes, including a new CRM if you need one.

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