4 key features Facebook Ads give you to transform your advertising

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Get better results by taking your advertising to the next level. There is no denying that boosting Facebook posts is an easy way to increase the reach of your posts. However, it is highly likely that you could be getting better results by taking advantage of Facebook’s full Ads Manager platform.

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Did you know that there is a difference between ‘boosting’ a Facebook post and using the Facebook Ads Manager?

Get better results by taking your advertising to the next level. There is no denying that boosting Facebook posts is an easy way to increase the reach of your posts. However, it is highly likely that you could be getting better results by taking advantage of Facebook’s full Ads Manager platform.

What are the benefits of using Facebook Ads Manager instead of boosting?

The results you see out of advertising via Facebook Ads Manager instead of boosting ads will be much better over time. Four key benefits of Facebook Ads Manager are the improved and optimised placements, mire objectives to choose from, alternative creative content options and advanced targeting metrics.

Boosting Facebook Post


Facebook Ads Manager gives you the option to choose where your ads show. You can specify the devices the ads appear on, the platforms and also whereabouts on Facebook they are shown – for example, in-feed, in stories or search.

This is important because it gives you the flexibility to customise ad sets to be specific to device types or ensure your image dimensions suit the placement you have specified.


When you boost a Facebook post, you get limited options for your goal. Whereas when you use Facebook Ads Manager, you get a much more comprehensive range of options as your objective for the campaign.

Therefore, the money you are spending on your advertising is doing what you need it to do in terms of driving traffic to your site, generating leads and increasing conversions.


Boosting Facebook Posts means that you are, as the name suggests, boosting an existing Facebook post. Consequently, this means that the budget you are putting into your campaign is for that one piece of creative.

Facebook Ads Manager gives you the change to have one budget, then several ad sets (groups of similar creative pieces) and then several ads underneath that. This means that you are allowing Facebook to optimise to the best performing ad, giving you the best outcome for your budget.

Furthermore, you can also set different audiences for different ad sets, giving you greater flexibility in your campaign set up. Setting up your campaigns in this way, also allows you to turn ad sets on and off to react to performance or outside conditions. If you see Ad Set B is doing way better than Ad Set A, you can switch off Ad Set A to give more budget to the better performing group of ads.

Advanced targeting

Finally, Ads Manager gives you more advanced targeting than Boosted Posts. Although it seems like you have a few options on the Facebook Boosted Post page, you get access to even more through Facebook Ads Manager.

Some of the options you will see include:

  • Locations – depending on what objective you have set, you can target internationally, by State, by City (e.g. Sunshine Coast), or by Suburb (e.g. Mooloolaba). You can also target a radius around a specific address.
  • Age – specify an age range that you want ads to be shown to.
  • Gender – target your ad sets to a specific gender if you wish.
  • Languages – target Facebook users of certain languages.
  • Detailed Targeting – include or exclude people from an audience based on criteria such as demographics, interests and/or behaviours. This may include attributes such as small business owner, titles, industry, and so on.
  • Connections – include or exclude people based on connections to your Facebook Pages, phone apps or events.
  • Custom Audiences – custom audiences are made from information you provide from a third party source or from data generated on Facebook’s products. You can create Custom Audiences from a list you already have, the Facebook pixel, the Facebook SDK and engagement on Facebook.
  • Lookalike Audiences – a Lookalike Audience is an audience you create. It creates a group of people on Facebook who are the most similar to the people in the source you tell Facebook to make the audience from.

Time to transform your advertising?

If you think it is time to start using the Facebook Ads feature, but you want some assistance in setting up your primary campaigns or want someone to run this for you monthly, please get in touch. If you want to find out the 5 ways you can get started on digital marketing, check out this page.

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