Webinar recording: Thriving in 2020 and beyond

On The Day Films
Watch the full webinar recording to learn how you can thrive in 2020, despite the changes that COVID-19 has brought.

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How to ensure your business thrives in 2020

Webinar hosted by On The Day Films

I was recently involved in a series of webinars hosted by On The Day Films where I, along with other panelists, outlined some key things your business can do to thrive in 2020 and beyond.

You can watch the most recent webinar below, along with just my segment where I talk about the importance of a marketing strategy and plan, before diving into implementation.

If you haven’t re-looked at your marketing strategy since COVID-19, set aside some time to look at this before Q4.

Full webinar

Hear from Stuart, from Sunshine Coast Snake Catcher, Rob, from FTA Accountants, Nicholas from Bank of Queensland Maroochydore, and Hayden, Founder of On The Day Films.

My section – Marketing

Free resource

I have put together a basic template to get you started on your marketing plan. You can download the template via the link below!

Looking for support?

Book a time to chat about your marketing strategy on my contact page.

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