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De Ja Vu engaged C Angel Marketing to manage the cafe's Facebook and Instagram accounts, as well as to build their website. The strategy was to leverage the loyal following the cafe had and convert that to an online following.

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Case study – De Ja Vu Cafe and Bar Mooloolaba

De Ja Vu is one of Mooloolaba’s favourite cafes. Located along the Mooloolaba Esplanade, the cafe has a strong local and tourist following.


De Ja Vu is a family-owned and operated business. The family has successfully run De Ja Vu for several years, relying on friendly service and great coffee and food alike to keep people coming back. Social Media was a task for the team that often slipped through the cracks, especially during busy holiday times. Further, the team had never invested in a website, so lacked the digital platform to tell people about their awesome location and hospitality. A marketing partner was required to create a simple website to tell people where they are and look after the social media posts on an ongoing basis.

The brief

  • Challenge: Create a digital strategy to take the loyalty the team have at the venue online and tell more people about De Ja Vu.
  • Strategy: The strategy started with a target audience drill down with the goal to build a following online that resembled their following in real life.
  • Result: C Angel Marketing developed a website that simply outlined what the cafe offers, where they are located and when they are open. Further, I also developed a social media strategy that aligned with the primary target audience. A monthly plan with fortnightly/weekly scheduling of posts facilitates the achievement of the strategy.

C Angel Marketing

De Ja Vu Cafe and Bar engaged C Angel Marketing to create an easily maintained website and manage the cafe’s Facebook and Instagram accounts to organically grow followers and engagement. Further, C Angel Marketing recommended Google My Business and Trip Advisor as part of the monthly package due to the high importance of reviews in the hospitality industry, and the effect reviews can have on the marketing of the cafe.


De Ja Vu’s website is created with Squarespace, a cost effective and easy to use platform for websites looking to promote their product or service.

The core requirements on the website were the location and a menu that can be viewed online.


Since launching the website in March 2020 (right before COVID-19 restrictions), the website has been a fantastic asset for the business. It provides a place for online platforms like Trip Advisor and Google to point to for the menu and also to control the branding of the cafe, which is harder to do on social platforms.

Organic sessions up 75% compared to the benchmark.
Social Media

Social media has been the core marketing tactic for De Ja Vu since the start of 2020. Since launching the website and beginning a consistent social media strategy, the cafe has seen strong organic growth in followers, engagement and reviews across the four platforms. Despite having a reduced opening period for two months during the COVID-19 lockdown, De Ja Vu’s business has thrived in 2020 and beyond.

The Google My Business Page had metrics up year on year, despite a large dip over April and May when COVID restrictions were in place and social media efforts were ceased in this time. Despite no posts happening for two/three months, engagement metrics such as calls, directions and clicks were all up.

If you are looking for a partner to assist with a go to market messaging strategy, to build you a website for your new or exisiting business, to create an ongoing social media presence or guidance around other aspects of your marketing, let’s chat.

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