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Marketing strategy v plan

Marketing strategy

My approach starts with focusing in on your business goals, your ideal customer, your products and services and how your business is different from your competitors. 

We drill down on the important aspects of your business, your products and services, the current environment and the competitive landscape. You will take away a strategy roadmap which we can turn into an actionable plan.

Marketing plans

Once the strategy is complete, it’s time to turn the marketing map into an action plan. 

When putting together the marketing plan we take into consideration what activity will you undertake and when, what the goals are of each of these tactics and how we will measure success.


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Let me help build your overall marketing strategy and campaign plans. 

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Marketing strategy

Your first step

A marketing strategy is your first step towards becoming the business of choice for your customers. Creating a strategy is easier if you are working with a marketing consultant who takes the time to understand your goals your business. 

Next steps

Marketing plans

If we love working together on your strategy, I recommend taking the next step and building out a quarterly plan. Your marketing strategy should be the overarching ‘why’ for your marketing. From this, your marketing plans should build your ‘how’. What mixture of social, digital, email, PPC and advertising do you need to deliver your strategy?

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My agency and in-house experience is backed by a marketing and public relations qualifications (BBUS/BA). 

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