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Marketing Manager

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Fractional Head of Marketing

Why Outsource Your Marketing Manager?

Outsourced heads of marketing are a fantastic option for smaller businesses that just don't have the budget for internal resources to manage their marketing. This service is for when you need the help of an experienced marketing manager but aren't ready to hire someone full-time.

Depending on what resources you have internally, I can work with your marketing person or business owner to ensure day-to-day marketing activity is hitting the desired goals.

Marketing Manager

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Guided Growth Manage Manage Premium
Review of business goals and marketing tactics
Monthly advisory session
Regular meeting Monthly Fortnightly Fortnightly
Marketing strategy document
90 day marketing plan
Monthly report
Execution of tactics or management of resources Monthly allocation of time Fortnightly allocation of time
Time spent in your office

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Ready to Transform your Business Growth with an Outsourced Marketing Manager?

As your outsourced manager, I can provide a fresh look at your marketing strategy and audit your current marketing tactics to ensure you get the most out of your marketing. Although, as a small-medium business, you may not require an internal, full-time marketing manager, by hiring someone in an outsourced capacity, you get the expertise of a marketing manager without the risk of hiring one internally.

Need a Fractional Marketing Manager?