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Marketing Strategy and Planning

A well-thought-out marketing strategy and plan is essential for your organisation's success
C Angel Marketing Services strategy

How I Can Help with Strategy

Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy focuses on your organisational goals, ideal customer, products and services, and how your business differs from your competitors. 

We will drill down on the essential aspects of your business, your products and services, the current environment and the competitive landscape. From here, I will work with you to build a strategic roadmap that we can turn into an actionable plan.

C Angel Marketing Strategy planning

How I Can Help with Planning

Marketing Plans

Once the strategy is complete, it's time to turn the marketing map into an action plan. 

When putting together the marketing mix, we consider what activity you will undertake and when, what the goals are of each of these tactics and how you will measure success.

Strategy Options

Ways To Work Together

Once off Strategy and plan Monthly Guided Growth Monthly Manage Monthly Manage Premium
Marketing strategy document
90 day marketing plan
Review of business goals and marketing tactics
Monthly advisory session
Regular meeting Monthly Fortnightly Fortnightly
Monthly report
Execution of tactics or management of resources Monthly allocation of time Fortnightly allocation of time
Time spent in your office

Yes - Sunshine Coast based

The Process

Discovery Call & Workshop
We'll kick off the process by doing a deep dive into your business' background and brainstorming how we can reach your goals with a strategic marketing plan. 
Big Picture Plan
Once we have completed our workshop and I have a comprehensive understanding of your business' goals, we will start work on a tailored strategy and growth plan. 
Marketing Implementation
Using the strategic marketing plan we have developed, you can manage the implementation in-house or entrust me with the execution. Whichever way you choose, you will have a plan to follow to grow with confidence!  
To maximise your marketing efforts, we will check back in on the goals set and tactics executed to monitor and report on the marketing tactics. This guarantees the best results for our business by proactively identifying gaps and room for improvement. 

What will be included in the strategy?

Marketing Goal

Marketing Goals

Marketing goals that align with your overall business goals.


Environmental Analysis

An overview of the current industry and internal environment.


Competitor Analysis

An overview of your direct and indirect competitors.


Target Audience

We identify your primary and secondary target audiences.


Implementation Plan

An outline of the people, procedures and processes that will be needed to implement the set marketing plan.

Plan on a page

Plan on a page

A single-page overview to quickly see the current and desired states as well as the initiatives to get the organisation to where it needs to be.

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